Cash Out Early

Take Profit or Cut Losses early

The button is located in the Open Predictions on the stock page.

For instance, suppose you place a bet of 100 coins on a stock going up with a 50% probability, offering a potential return of 200 coins. However, if unfavorable news surfaces and the sentiment drops to 20%, you have the option to cut your losses by selling your position early. By doing so, you would receive ~40 coins back.

On the other hand, if the probability increases to 80%, you have the opportunity to take a profit early and receive ~160 coins. However, it's important to consider the possibility of waiting for the settlement, which would result in the full potential return of 200 coins.

Closing a high-probability position will also result in a higher fee. You can consider waiting for the settlement to avoid such a fee.

There is a very low fee for closing a low-probability position. You should close as soon as possible if your opinion has changed.