Game Flow

1. Head to a stock page

Begin by selecting Prediction on the Tabs

2. Validate Event Details

Review and verify key details such as the benchmark price and the timeframe for which you're making a prediction.

3. Check Live Forecast

Review the current probability driven by AI & community predictions

4. Making a prediction

Input the amount you want to bet and choose the direction you anticipate the stock will move. Keep in mind that a high-probability prediction will yield lower odds and return.

You will receive Potential Return if your prediction is correct

5. Submit your prediction

After making a prediction, you can track it either from your profile page or under the 'My Predictions' section on the stock page.

6. Exchange ideas!

Comment your thoughts and discuss insights with others.

7. Wait for the Settlement!

At the end of the event, any earnings from correct predictions will be automatically added to your account​

You can check your prediction history on the profile page.